Road Symbols

Understanding road symbols will ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Look for Bicycle Lanes

Cycle safely on roadways by taking advantage of bicycle lanes, marked with the following identifiers:

  • Solid white line
  • Bicycle symbol
  • Diamond marking
Bike lane symbol

The diamond marking tells drivers that this is a reserved lane, which means that legally only bicycles may travel here. Motorists are not permitted to park, stand or drive in bicycle lanes.

Shared Lane Pavement Markings or Sharrows

Shared lane pavement markings, or sharrows, are road markings used to indicate a shared lane for bicycles and motor vehicles, and are marked with the following identifiers:

  • Double chevron
  • Bicycle symbol
Sharrow symbol

Sharrows alert motorists to the presence of bicycle traffic on the street and may also provide directional signage for cyclists. Sharrows do not indicate a lane dedicated for cyclists, but offer a variety of uses to support safe cycling networks in the community.

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